‘Til I Found You (Mp3)


“‘Til I Found You” is a beautiful love ballad that was originally recorded as a solo back in the late 80s by Grammy Award Nominee and gospel superstar Vickie Winans. Tune was penned by Winans’ former husband Marvin L. Winans and Keith B. Sutton. The gorgeous remake of this tune included tag-team lyric play between Redmon and Marant. “‘Til I Found You” is the perfect wedding song that seamlessly transcends generations. Original version first appears on Redmon’s very first full R&B album entitled S’Agapo. Song has been remastered for the Reaching Records Silver Anniversary Edition: Love compilation album

(‘Til I Found You lyrics included in download)

  1. 'Til I Found You [preview] John Redmon, Yolanda Marant 0:23

‘Til I Found You (Lyrics Preview)

A song without a melody

A dream that’s just a fantasy

A forrest with only one tree

Oh how my life was incomplete

The circus never came to town

The merry-g0 never went round

The happy clown always wore a frown

‘Til I Found You…



  1. ‘Til I Found You | John Redmon feat. Yolanda Marant

Track appears on the compilation album Reaching Records Silver Anniversary Edition: Love


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