demo submissions

If you are an artist and would like to be considered to appear on our label (whether it be songwriter, musician, lead or background singer), then follow these simple instructions below. Please make sure:
  • the material sent is copywritten
  • the material is not expected to be returned. So send us only a copy of your work not any originals that cannot be replaced.
  • you are the owner, copyright claimant, or publisher of the material (supplying proof when requested)
  • you send Picture, Short Biography, Lyrics and CD (no MP3s)
  • you remit $25 Demo Submission Fee to:

Reaching Records/Submission Division
POB 25733
Colorado Springs, CO 80936

(Note: Money orders/checks are to be made payable to Reaching Records)

If you follow these steps explicitly, we promise we will listen and respond to your submission within 4 weeks.

Music Project Promotion

Did you just record a new single, album or video and looking for some additional exposure for it? Promote it on our website for a day, a week or a month. Send us an email or call 404-993-2597 for a quote.