John Redmon AKA Jred : S’Agapo (I Love You) (Mp3)


Talented artist, John Redmon (A.K.A. Jred) releases a fantastic collection of R&B songs on his outstanding album, “S’Agapo (I Love You.)” Jred, who is an IMA Award nominee and Golden Flame Award winner, spins a bevy of impressive songs that will surely please your heart and soul. The opener/title track, “S’Agapo Intro” is a short but powerful explosion of different languages expressing the words “I Love You.” The energetic song, “Te Amo (I Love You,)” is blended with charming lead vocals complemented by sweet harmonies. Another song, “Ten (The Counting Song,)” contains thought provoking lyrics sung with a sophisticated style and flair. You will enjoy the song, “Love Yourself,” as Jred shows a colorful Country ambiance to this wonderful song. Jred has comprised an album that is sheer entertaining as this CD is richly textured and is bursting with passion and soul. Fans of Brian McKnight or Vicki Winans will thoroughly enjoy the outstanding set of R&B songs on the superb CD “S’Agapo (I Love You.)” – Diane and the Reviewer Team


S’Agapo (I Love You) is John Redmon’s junior solo album but very first full length R&B album. Includes Can’t Breathe, Alright and Te Amo.


  1. S’Agapo Intro
  2. Can’t Breathe (feat. Ajani “AJ” Asante)
  3. Te Amo (I Love You)
  4. ‘Til I Found You (feat. Yolanda Marant)
  5. Ten (The Counting Song)
  6. All At Once
  7. Alright (feat. Da Clay)
  8. Just Leave Me Alone
  9. Love Yourself (feat. Jeff Morrison & John Truscelli)
  10. This One Song (feat. The Johnson Family)

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