Sermon by Pastor Melvin Warfield, Jr. (Mp3)


Middle Georgia Youth Ministry (MGYM) is a youth group based out of Warner Robbins, GA, whose mission is based out of Matthew 28:19,20. Through their television broadcasts, toll-free 24 hour prayer line, frequent visits to churches, senior living centers and even individual house visits, MGYM walked out the life they sang about. It was clear why Go Ye Therefore was their theme song.

Sermon by Pastor Melvin Warfield, Jr. appears on MGYM’s debut album God’s Opportunities.

  1. Sermon (Elijah and the Widow at Zarephath) [preview] Pastor Melvin Warfield, Jr. 1:35


Sermon “When a Little Seems Too Much” by Pastor Melvin Warfield, Jr. Listen to the Bible lesson that can be an enlightening life lesson from 1 Kings 17.

This track appears on the album God’s Opportunities. 



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