Go Ye Therefore [Outro] (Mp3)


Go Ye Therefore is our Christian anthem, the mission of our church of both today and yesterday. Written by Leon Patillo and made popular by Pastor Shirley Caesar, Go Ye Therefore has ministered to hearts around the globe. Middle Georgia Youth Ministry (MGYM), a youth group based out of Warner Robbins, GA, made this their mission. Through their television broadcasts, toll-free 24 hour prayer line, frequent visits to churches, senior living centers and even individual house visits, MGYM walked out the life they sang about. It was clear why Go Ye Therefore was their theme song. The track appears on MGYM’s debut album God’s Opportunities.

  1. Go Ye Therefore (Outro) [preview] Middle Georgia Youth Ministries, Inc. 0:54

Go Ye Therefore Lyrics

Go ye therefore and teach all nations, go, go, go
Go ye therefore and teach all nations, go, go, go
Baptizing them in the Name of the Father
The Son and Holy Ghost, go, go, go
If you love Me, really love Me, feed My, My sheep
If you love Me, really love Me, feed My sheep
Lord, I’ll be with You forever and ever
Until the end of the world, go, go, go


Go Ye Therefore [Outro] is the reprise of the beautiful song Go written by Leon Patillo that reminds us of every Christian’s mission: “To go ye therefore and teach all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost.”

Go Ye Therefore is performed by Middle Georgia Youth Ministries.



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