All At Once (Mp3)


“All At Once” is the heart-wrenching, break-up ballad that was originally recorded as a solo back in the early 80s by Grammy Award Winner and popstar Whitney Houston. Tune was penned by fellow singer and Grammy Award Nominee Jeffrey Osborne and Michael Masser. Redmon’s haunting remake of this hit tune cries “I can’t sleep, I can’t dream, I can’t think, I can’t live without you. I was wrong. I’m sorry. Forgive me.”

Original version first appears on Redmon’s very first full R&B album entitled S’Agapo. Song has been remastered for the  Reaching Records Silver Anniversary Edition: Love compilation album

  1. All At Once [preview] John Redmon :46

(All At Once lyrics included in download)

All At Once (Lyrics Preview)

All at once

I finally took a moment

And I’m realizing that

You’re not coming back

And it finally hit me all at once

All at once I’ve started counting teardrops And at least a million fell

My eyes began to swell

And all my dreams were shattered 

All at once…



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