Can I Love You Again? (Mp3)


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  1. Can I Love You Again? (As performed by John Redmon)


Can I Love You Again? (A Hard Time Loving You) – Lyrics
(John Redmon)

It’s only been a couple of months since you’ve left me
But it seems like it’s been ten thousand years.
You walked out on me without any notice
And now here you are again.

(Chorus I)
I’m having a hard time loving you,
A hard time holding you
Since you walked out on me.
I’m having a hard time trusting you,
Believing in you…
A hard time loving you again.

I never stopped thinking of you.
You’ve always stayed on my heart and mind.
You could have come and talked to me
But you never even said “Goodbye”.
And now you’re back to claim my heart again.
(Repeat Chorus I)

I ran out searching for you
While blaming myself for things I didn’t even do.
But right now here you are once again
Coming back to my heart should I open the door
Like there’s been no wrong done at all?

I’ve got something to say.
NO! please don’t go away!
I’m ready for a brand new start!

(Chorus II)
Can I love you again?
Can I hold you again?
I must learn to forgive.
Can I touch you again?
Believe in you again?
Can I love you, love you again?
(Repeat Chorus II)

Yes I can love you
Love you again 


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