Broken Wings (Mp3)


  1. Broken Wings [preview] John Redmon, Nashville String Machine 0:55



  1. Broken Wings (As performed by John Redmon and The Nashville String Machine)

Broken Wings Lyrics

(Written by John Redmon, Ellen Cherry, George Scott Davis, Jr., Donnie Stanley, Jr.)


I tried to fly with broken wings

By living in shattered dreams.

Jagged pieces everywhere. 

“Dream again” do I dare?

Trying to fly with broken wings.

Picking up the pieces through pain-blinded eyes.

My demise was no surprise.

Will the sun ever shine again?

Will I lose or will I win

Trying to fly with broken wings?

(Verse I)

My world is crumbling all around.

Broken spirits have left me on the ground.

The very thing that I prayed for

Not to come to pass.

It has come a’las. A’las!

(Verse II)

Strangely familiar yet familiarly strange.

I need hope again. I’m in desperate need of a change.

If it’s true that weeping endures only a night

Then this is has been the longest, coldest night.

And if it’s true it’s darkest just before the dawn

Will the dawn ever come?


Then I found you. Adonai.

You gave me a brand new song to sing

Because I’ve found healing in Your wings.

No more to fly with broken wings.

No more living in shattered dreams

Jagged pieces have disappeared

Because my vision has become so clear.

No more to fly with broken wings

I’m soaring higher ever than I did before.

I can see over the mountains and so much more.

Now the most important thing

I’m in the shadow of Your wings. 

No more to fly with broken wings.

©2001 John P. Redmon Music (ASCAP)/adm. by Reaching Records. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication, copying, replication is strictly prohibited.



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