O Danny Boy (Mp3)





Love… love is a strange creature. It controls our emotions and hmm, can make us do some crazy things… (laugh softly, as if recalling something crazy love made you do). (More seriously) But when we lose someone we love – our world comes crumbling down. And the heart… the heart, well it mourns… And nothing makes us mourn more than the loss of a child, and the longing to hold them and kiss them one more time.  And sometimes it seems that nature understands and mourns with us too.


Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling

From glen to glen, and down the mountain side

The summer’s gone, and all the flowers are dying

‘Tis you, ’tis you must go and I must bide.

But come ye back when summer’s in the meadow

Or when the valley’s hushed and white with snow

‘Tis I’ll be here in sunshine or in shadow

Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I love you so.


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