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Middle Georgia Youth Ministry (MGYM) is a youth group based out of Warner Robbins, GA, whose mission comes from Matthew 28:19,20. Through their television broadcasts, toll-free 24 hour prayer line, frequent visits to churches, senior living centers and even individual house visits, MGYM walked out the life they sang about. It was clear why Go Ye Therefore was their theme song.

It Is Not About Us appears on MGYM’s debut album God’s Opportunities.

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It Is Not About Us Lyrics


It is not about us.

It is not about us.

It is not about us

But what the Lord has done for us.

What He’s done for us. (Repeat)


I thought I had it all figured out.

But I didn’t know what

The kingdom was all about.

I thought that it was all about me.

The word of God I could not see

Even though I had studied all my life.

(Repeat Chorus)


I thought through works I could save myself.

Everything I did was done my own kind of way.

It was not by might nor by my power.

It was not my might or my own power

But by the Holy Spirit of Jesus.

(Repeat Chorus)


It Is Not About Us is a joyful reminder that our lives are to be lived for others as Christ lived His life.

It Is Not About Us is performed by Thankful Ministries and appears on the album God’s Opportunities. 



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