Where Were You? (Mp3)


Where Were You? is an inspirational song based on the poem Footprints in the Sand. It depicts a believer who just came through a fiery trial and a stormy test but couldn’t fell or sense the presence of His Lord. Track appears on John Redmon’s sophomore album Broken Wings.

  1. Where Were You? (I Was There) [preview] John Redmon 0:41

Lyrics: Oh my Lord I’ve just been through the strongest storm but I couldn’t find you. The winds were blowing making my heart weary-growing. But Lord where were you? When I needed a friend…


Where Were You? (I Was There) Lyrics


Lord, I’ve been through the strongest storm

But I couldn’t find You.

The winds were blowing

Making my heart so weary growing.

But Lord, where were You?



When I needed a friend? When I needed a mother?

When I needed a father? When I needed sister?

When I needed a brother? When I needed a counselor

And a Savior?

Lord, where were You?



The storm grew oh so strong

That I was almost blown down.

The rains were the same.

They drenched my soul with grief and pain.

But Lord, where were You?

(Repeat Refrain)



You’ve promised that You would never leave me

Nor forsake me.

You’ve told me You would not put

More on me than I could bear.

But Lord I searched

Still I just could not find YOU!


When I look back to see

(All the time)

You were carrying me.

And You were there.


c 1993 John P. Redmon Music (ASCAP). / adm. by Reaching Records (ASCAP)). Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.


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