Our Affiliates

Honoring Louis Armstrong The official site that houses a fantastic musical tribute to honor jazz legend and Rhythm & Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee, featuring John Redmon & The Thomas J. Dawson, Jr. iOrchestra.

The Kids Love Jesus Too Official Website! Where kids from all over the world can share their love for Jesus through songs, scriptures and stories. (Purest Praise Series)

Jay Billups Creative Media is Colorado’s premiere media production facility and the visual editing and production studio for Reaching Records.

Resurrection Marketing - Bringing Your Business Back to Life. The official marketing company for Reaching Records and its affiliates.

Mountain Nest Recording Studios is Colorado’s premiere recording facility and the primary recording studio for Reaching Records.

Affiliates What a Wonderful World Track Series

What a Wonderful World Track Series. The official digital multi-track accompaniment series for the Honoring Louis Armstrong musical tribute album.

No More Barriers is a global movement that works indefatigably for a world without division, without barriers.

John Redmon Official Music Site where you'll find some of his original compositions and arrangements. Styles include: hymns, contemporary christian, gospel, anthems, patriotic, lullabies, children, wedding, rhythm and blues, Christmas, country, pop, rock, easter, bible, techno and inspirational.