Kids Love Jesus Too Instrumental Tracks (CD)


10 contemporary praise and worship instrumental tracks from the Kids Love Jesus Too album. Great for Vacation Bible School and Children’s Worship Services.

To accompany your CD Tracks, feel free to download the Kids Love Jesus Too Lyrics Booklet for free here!

Make sure you purchase the Kids Love Jesus Too : Children’s Praise & Worship CD from this site for all song demonstrations.


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  1. Praise Him, I Will Praise Him (as performed by The KLJ2 Children’s Choir)
  2. Little Things (as performed by the KLJ2 Children’s Choir)
  3. I Can Do All Things (as performed by Phil & Brenda Nicholas, Theresa Morton & The KLJ2 Children’s Choir)
  4. Does Anybody Love Me? (as performed by Delaney Chough)
  5. Hide Thy Word (as performed by Eddison Cooper & The Fresh Start Baptist Church Children’s Choir)
  6. Rainbow In My Window (as performed by Tina Lewis-Glenn & The KLJ2 Children’s Choir)
  7. Praise the Lord! (as performed by Toje Agee Woods & The Youth of Emmanuel)
  8. Ten (as performed by John Redmon & The KLJ2 Children’s Choir)
  9. Abide In Him (as performed by Springs Adventist Academy)
  10. Pass It On (as performed by Katie Reeves & The Sunrise United Methodist Church Children’s Choir)

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